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Friday, June 29, 2012

This is becoming more of a database of emails/writings I send off to other people.  Mainly because I have become too lazy to write.  Better then nothing :)  This is a message I sent off to Kesa, a girl I was traveling with for 10 days or so in North India. 

I am currently spending overnight in a chicago airport, due to weather delays. "Wierd" is about the only way to describe it indeed. Incessent complaints from people in line over missing thier layovers. I kinda just stood there being like, this is kinda nice. I couldn't help but realize the triviality of it all.

It actually all started in the airport in Germany. I arrived at my departing gate waiting for a flight to chicago (H02, if you really wanna know). There was a massive amount of overweight kids eating candybars, and devout christian fundamentalists reading their bibles. (This is not an exaggeration) At that very moment, I knew I was coming home. God bless Amurica. Oh, and I must mention. In this moment, I deeply hoped for a pocket sized Freddy. Some dwarfed version of him to whisper out absurd American sterotypes, insults, and perversions. I really do miss that kid. I think I liked him more than he liked me :) I enjoyed every remark I made about how great he was, or how much I will miss him, being reflected with a "you're gay", or "fag" assertion.

I walked outside to catch a shuttle to the Holiday Inn (whoa!). This car yielded for me as I began to cross the street. I literally wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I hadn't seen a car yeild in over 11 months. I stood there like a deer in the headlights for like 5 seconds (felt like forever), give a slight wave and smile, and began onward. I don't think I will ever forget this breif pause.

The hotel room I am staying in feels like I am a saudi prince being hosted in some luxury suite. Flat screen. (WITH ESPN). TWO bars of soap (citrus orange brah). The softest bed ever. I showerhead with 6 different settings. I rinsed off, dazzled by the array of options.

I haven't even made it back to Seattle yet. I can only begin to fathom the degree of oddness in a familiar enviornment. I am glad I have my sister to share this with (and you). You will have your evidence shortly. Along with the coke and limca advertisements that should make us millions.

Glad to hear about your lovely spa day. Glad to know getting soothing treatment to yourself makes you think of me. As of right now, when I take a dump, I think of freddy, and when I vom, I think of you. And even more glad to hear you didn't cut that hair of yours. In all honestly, you should grow that shit down to your knees. It would be super sexy. I can picture you galloping on a wild horse, through the expansive plains of Montana. (with your cowgirl boots on)

I randomly thought of a moment I shared with you on that bus ride to Delhi I wanted to recall. I was eating a bananna in the hotel here, and for some odd reason, the ridiculous comment I made about, "I would prefer a less sweet bananna that was larger, than a small bananna.....".

I stand by those words.

Lastly, myy other sister (also a badass) told me the other day of a roadtrip her and some friends are doing soon. I don't need to divulge in details, other than I will see you in late August.

I am 8 hours away from being home, after a storm pushed back my layover a day in Chicago.  I think I am still a bit in shock being back here in the States, and it will take an extended amount of time for this even to set in.  It's almost as if I can feel myself adjusting too quickly to the environment.  I think this is some mechanism to comprehend my settings, and is shortlived.  We will see though.

Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can do some writing on the meaning of this trip, however I can begin to define the "meaning" of such an experience.